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Our professional Web Hosting plans include all the features you are looking for at the best possible price.

* SPAM protection (NEW!)
* Plesk control panel access
* UNLIMITED File Transfer
* Webmail possibilities
* Web Statistics tools
* CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL
* Robust Unix servers

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Select the service you wish to manage by logging into the appropriate interface.

CONTROL PANEL – Allows you to manage your domain's hosting account, including:

  • creating, erasing and rerouting Email accounts;
  • activate or deactivate your Email account's autoresponder;
  • create and manage your Website's database;
  • modify and add domain administrators and Web users;
  • create protected Web directories for your site;
  • manage your website's files.

SPAM FILTERING –  Allows you to manage your individual spam filtering account, including:

  • whitelisting friends individually or entire domain names;
  • forcing new correspondents to validate themselves to the server;
  • selecting SPF compliance preferences for incoming Emails;
  • releasing legitimate Emails that got caught inadvertently in the filter;
  • consulting the filter logs;
  • setting your filter sensitivity.

WEBMAIL – Allows you to access your Email from any external computer connected to the Internet. To log into your Webmail interface, simply type http://webmail.yourdomain.name in your browser and enter your Email's username and password.