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Our professional Web Hosting plans include all the features you are looking for at the best possible price.

* SPAM protection
* Plesk control panel access
* UNLIMITED File Transfer
* Webmail possibilities
* Web Statistics tools
* CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL
* Robust Unix servers

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Select the service you wish to manage by logging into the appropriate interface.

CONTROL PANEL – Allows you to manage your domain's hosting account, including:

  • creating, erasing and rerouting Email accounts;
  • activate or deactivate your Email account's autoresponder;
  • create and manage your Website's database;
  • modify and add domain administrators and Web users;
  • create protected Web directories for your site;
  • manage your website's files.

SPAM FILTERING –  Allows you to manage your individual spam filtering account, including:

  • whitelisting friends individually or entire domain names;
  • forcing new correspondents to validate themselves to the server;
  • selecting SPF compliance preferences for incoming Emails;
  • releasing legitimate Emails that got caught inadvertently in the filter;
  • consulting the filter logs;
  • setting your filter sensitivity.

WEBMAIL – Allows you to access your Email from any external computer connected to the Internet. To log into your Webmail interface, simply type webmail.yourdomain.name in your browser and enter your Email's username and password.