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Tired of checking your Email in the morning to realize 50 or the 51 new messages you received are SPAM? We can help!

All our Web Hosting plans include SPAM filtering and common virus protection.

Each Email account is managed individually , offering users the flexibility of customizing their filter to their own liking.

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The advantage of opting for Enzster's Web Hosting services is that unlike other companies where you have to pay extra for SPAM filtering and virus protection, SPAM filtering and virus protection are included in all our hosting plans.

Once filtering is activated on your domain, all mailboxes of that domain are filtered, while offering each user the flexibility of customizing her or his own filter at will, through a user-friendly Web interface.

Filter possibilities and options

  • Create your own whitelist to make sure Emails from friend never get blocked.
  • Whitelist entire domain names to allow Emails from all people of that domain to reach you.
  • Force new correspondents to validate themselves to the server.
  • Select SPF compliance preferences for incoming Emails.
  • Release legitimate Emails that got caught inadvertently in the filter.
  • Receive daily or weekly filter logs to keep track filtered mail, what was forwarded to you, what was deleted or held.
  • Determine your own filter sensitivity, when to hold mail, when to let it through or to delete it.

Important - Although our filter can catch most spams, commonly known viruses and fishing attempts, it does NOT replace the need for an antivirus or firewall on your computer.

Contact us right away to enquire on how you can benefit from our great Email filtering services.